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Front elevation of capital park care home


Capital Park, Cambridge

72 bedroom care home

Capital park care home site plan

The site lies within a conservation area, at the entrance to the former Fulbourn Hospital (now business park) currently occupied by a Social Club. The site is screened by mature trees, forming the parkland setting which are to be retained in the development.

Various design proposals were considered for the project, developing designs in close consultation with the Planning Authority. The final design was subject to review by a “Design Enabling Panel” as part of the application process.

Rear view of care home - capital park

The approved scheme is a contemporary design providing a 72-bedroom Care Home accommodated over 2 ½ storeys, served by a partial basement which is fully integrated within the existing landscape and remaining below the height of the surrounding tree canopies.

To minimise the visual impact and size of development, the floor plan occupies much of the previously developed (brown field) area of the site and wraps itself around clusters of existing trees.

Front view - Care home - Capital Park

The Care Home utilises a mixed palette of materials inspired by the local vernacular and reinterpreted in a contemporary manner using Cambridge Gault brickwork and Bronze coloured cladding with projecting box framed bay windows.

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